30 Celebrities Fashion that Look Like Mattresses

  • March 06, 2018 - 07:03:00 PM

We were wrong when we thought our look-alike category couldn't get funnier, this post made it crazier. We compiled a list of celebrities that literally look like mattresses in their failed fashion outfit! We could get more but we limited the selection to about 30 celebrities fashion that look like mattresses GMAO (grinning my ass out loud).

Alan Cumming.

look-like-mattresses-Alan-Cumming- (11-39)

Victoria Beckham.

look-like-mattresses-victoria-beckham (11-39)

The Queen.

look-like-mattresses-the-queen (11-39)

Stephen Fry.

look-like-mattresses-stephen-fry (11-39)

Sandra Bullock

look-like-mattresses-sandra-bullock (11-39)


look-like-mattresses-rihanna (11-39)

Miley Cyrus.

look-like-mattresses-miley-cyrus (11-39)

Nadine from Girls Aloud.

look-like-mattresses-Nadine-from-Girls-Aloud (11-39)

Nicki Minaj.

look-like-mattresses-Nicki-Minaj (11-39)

Perez Hilton.

look-like-mattresses-Perez-Hilton (11-39)

Pixie Lott.

look-like-mattresses-Pixie-Lott- (11-39)

Mickey Rourke.

look-like-mattresses-mickey-rourke (11-39)

Lindsay Lohan.

look-like-mattresses-Lindsay-Lohan-now (11-39)

Lindsay Lohan again.

look-like-mattresses-lindsay-lohan-back-then (11-39)

 Leonardo DiCaprio.

look-like-mattresses-leonardo-dicaprio (11-39)

Lakoda Rayne.

look-like-mattresses-Lakoda-Rayne (11-39)

Jessica Simpson.

look-like-mattresses-Jessica-Simpson (11-39)

Katie Middleton.

look-like-mattresses-Kate-Middleton (11-39)

Katie Holmes.

look-like-mattresses-katie-holmes (11-39)

Kirstin Dunst.

look-like-mattresses-kirsten-dunst (11-39)

Lady Gaga.

She almost nailed the mattress look 100%

look-like-mattresses-lady-gaga (11-39)

David Mitchell.

look-like-mattresses-David-Mitchell (11-39)

Diane Kruger.

look-like-mattresses-Diane-Kruger (11-39)

Felicia Day.

look-like-mattresses-felicia-day (11-39)

January Jones.

look-like-mattresses-january-jones (11-39)

Jason Statham.

look-like-mattresses-jason-statham (11-39)

Ashlee Simpson.

look-like-mattresses-Ashlee-Simpson (11-39)

Britney Spears.

look-like-mattresses-britney-spears (11-39)

My favorite is Lady Gaga. What's yours? Comment, share and check out more celebrities content in our dedicated entertainment category.