List of Male Celebrities with and without Beard

  • March 10, 2018 - 05:03:00 PM

Beard Do Change One's Face For Real! And nowadays beard has become the hot flag for men to get successful at dating or finding soul mates as the majority of girls prefer women with beards over non-bearded guys. The beard adds a lot to a man, it's the flag of manhood and keeping it or not changes a lot on man's appearance. For that, we gathered a list of hot celebrities on with and without a beard to get the impression and the feel of it.

Here is a list of male celebrities with and without a beard. The change is apparent to the point that some look like a completely different person with a beard or without.

Ashton kutcher


Shia LaBeouf

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Nick Offerman




Rob Pattinson



Jon Hamm

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Pierce Brosnan

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Ewan McGregor

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Zach Galifianakis

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Jeff Bridges

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Jake Gyllenhaal

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Javier Bardem

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Ben Affleck

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Paul Rudd

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Idris Elba

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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Denzel Washington

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Tom Hardy

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Donald Glover

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Michael C. Hall

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Ryan Gosling

30-Bearded-celebrities_2_1 30-Bearded-celebrities_2_2


Antonio Banderas

30-Bearded-celebrities_9_1 30-Bearded-celebrities_9_2


Abraham Lincoln

30-Bearded-celebrities_10_1 30-Bearded-celebrities_10_2


Christian Bale

30-Bearded-celebrities_16_1 30-Bearded-celebrities_16_2


They look different without beards, don't they? You prefer them males with the beard or without? Give us your thoughts on comments.

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