A Barbie's Face Yet a Hulk's Body - Julia Vins

  • March 15, 2018 - 09:03:00 AM

You may have seen her face on the Internet before but for us, this superwoman deserves a dedicated post for her amazing and yet jaw-dropping appearance. 

The Russian beauty beast is Julia Vins from Stavropol. Her beautiful doll-like angelic face may never let you imagine the big muscles and strength she has. Stalking her Social media account is the way to confirm that her over 700,000 followers have been captive by her beautiful doll-like face and beast-like body.

She is well-known for social media with the nickname the "Muscle Barbie". Little would know that Julia Vins was a normal cute young girl that got into lifting weights and fitness as an escape way from bullying that she suffered at school to embrace a shockingly amazing transformation.

At her 15 yeard old she looked like the below photo, and it's unbelievable when you look at the now and then.

I'm sure many wouldn't want to cross any line and mess with her now.

Going through the journey to her transformation she tells that "went to the gym to be fit when I turned 16 but had no idea about bodybuilding so I targeted the biggest chic at the gym, looked up to him and was literally repeating the same exercises after him". She'd squat 474 lbs (216 kg) and bench press about 418 lbs (190 kg).

Haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love but Julia's hard work and dedication got her where she is now and no one is going to take it away from her as long her discipline is in line with her hard work. Her transformation is surely not something ordinary and is influencing many young lads and ladies that look up to her and would want to have a body like Julia's. Her lifestyle and hard-work ethic are the right ingredients that people nowadays need to face life. 

Here you got more pictures of Julia Vins.

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