Hope Howard - The Hot Bae that Swapped the Army Uniform for the Bikini and Gains

  • March 13, 2018 - 03:03:00 PM

Meet Hope Howard - The Hot Bae that Swapped the Army Uniform for the Bikini and Gains.

At the age of eighteen years old, Hope Isabel Howard was serving in the US Airforce as a mechanic after graduating from High School and had her most crucial experience in tensioned Afghanistan, a spot where even the strongest would fear for their life. 

She always had a dream of becoming a fitness trainer and a model even when she was serving her country in the military in the Middle East. After four years out of the six years, she had to serve she re-took her goal and put herself well-focused on the gym. She lifts weights and builds her body constantly to set an example and be able to help others to follow their fitness goals and get healthier hence happier.


At the age of 27, Hope recalls on her site that the worst and best experience of her life was her deployment. It gave her enough push to work immensely to see the world with different eyes.

When she returned back from the military Airforce, a devastating news haunted her along with her family which was the death of the grandma. The unfortunate event made her realize that reaching her dream goals is the way to live with no remorse, Thus she consequently left the Airforce and pursued her lifetime goal of modeling and helping other being a personal trainer.

Hope has a prominent presence on Social Media, as she counts on more than 820,000 Followers on Instagram and thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Hope is an inspiration to our generation and a must follow as she is the best example of how reaching your goals can never be only a hope but reality. Her Instagram, and HopeIsabelHoward.com.



Hope is now a mom and has a beautiful daughter and a great family.

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