iPhone 8 News and Rumors on Release date

  • July 28, 2017 - 09:07:00 AM

Apple's is getting ready for the iPhone 10 years anniversary and it promises big changes that won't go unoticed!

Fans are promised to get wowed big time! Exciting isn't it? We haven't seen much with the changes on iPhones in the last 4 releases but it does sound like it's time to launch something seriously good for the iPhone fans.

Tim Cook will be announcing the new iPhone in few weeks from now, but some delay is expected as always so hang tight with eyes open but don't put much hope on a fixed releasing date!

There are claims that Touch ID will not be integrated and there won't be a white iPhone version, sounds racist isn't it? We put together all we know about iPhone 8 News and Rumors on Release date for you.

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The concept video of iPhone 8

The Concept video of iPhone 8 was put together crafting specs of the same factory making the newest mobile phone.

We can't ignore the fact that the concept looks very real although was made based on other specs that were leaked out here and there.

iPhone 8 Should be released:

The majority says September just when the other iPhone versions were released. The release may be September but to be able to buy the iPhone 8 you mnay need to wait until mid October.

Here is an iPhone 8 release date rumor video