Woman with world's weirdest appearance - Mikel Ruffinelli

  • March 15, 2018 - 10:03:00 AM

Some women drop jaws! Be it for being extremely beautiful, sexy or bizarre (to avoid saying ugly) but they call attention. There are some women that have something that set them apart from other females.

We heard Shakira shouting it on her famous song "Hips don't lie" but she may want to take a good look at this lot before re-signing that song. So, woman with world's weirdest appearance - Mikel Ruffinelli is our guest list in this post.

Mikel Ruffinelli, according to the American world record Academy, has the record for largest hips that measure about 8 feet (2.4 m) in circumference, and she weighs about 425 lbs. Yet, Mikel was once a normal sized woman. Her hips started the journey of widening after giving birth to her 3 kids. What they refer to as "Lipedma" could be what her condition is, for excessive accumulation of fat tissue. She also humps more than 6000 calories a day that pushes her body the "extremes".






Mikel and her husband seem happy no matter how extreme her condition may seem, and that's what matters the most. "I’m extreme, I have an extreme physique. I love my curves, I love my hips and I love my assets." She confirms in an interview.